Is the iPad ready for your business?

Almost certainly. I've been using the original iPad since the day it was released, and I'm still regularly impressed with how much it can do. That is, when I can hang on to it. My wife steals it from me whenever I loosen my grip, and our 6 month old daughter is already starting to interact with the screen and finger-paint (mess free!) on it. It does a lot more than you've seen in those plentiful commercials.

But it's more than a cool toy for the family to fight over. Here's a short list of business-specific tasks that I've accomplished with an iPad:

  • displaying decks on a projector (aka powerpoint presentations)
  • taking notes by keyboard and stylus
  • managing my calendar
  • weekly reviews of my GTD system (I live in OmniFocus)
  • writing proposals
  • laying out office furniture
  • searching for wifi dead zones in a new building
  • bandwidth speed tests
  • restarting services on servers that were 1000 miles away
  • tracking meeting attendance

Did you know it could do all those things? Or have you only heard the idiots who say it's just for watching movies and playing games?

In our line of work, we still need laptops, because we need to be able to do really geeky things like packet sniffing, port scanning, and running multiple virtual machines. You probably have some tasks that are better suited for a full sized computer too. But when you work in places other than at your desk, an iPad is probably all the computer you'd need. It definitely gets our seal of approval.