What is cloud computing?


In the simplest sense, cloud computing is just renting technology infrastructure or software someplace else on the Internet.  In fact, it's called that because network diagrams historically use a picture of a cloud to represent the Internet.

Why would you rent even if you can afford to buy?  Usually, the goal is achieving greater scale, faster deployment, more redundancy, or device independence.  Some examples:  Our cloud servers can go from idea to fully functional web infrastructure in minutes.  Our Hosted Exchange platform has a 99.999% uptime guarantee--which takes thousands of servers to maintain.  Our collaboration platforms are accessible from every computer on the planet with an internet connection.



Should we be on the cloud?


For the vast majority of companies, there are one or more aspects of your infrastructure that can be managed faster/better/cheaper in the cloud.  Let us help you get those overhead costs down while managing or eliminating risk.